The Latest and Possibly Last Gig for 2016


So it was an evening for; flubs, false starts and lost chords Friday night as everyone who played made mistakes somewhere or had some kind of issue either getting started or during their set, including yours truly! I for some reason had technical breakdown before I was about to play for about 15min! Everything worked just fine before I left the house and all was in top working order but when I was about to play I had no sound! Everything was connected right but no sound whatsoever. So what the hell is going on here? So after a lot of connecting and reconnecting pedals and trying multiple ways to get it going I decided to take off the two pedals that I didn’t need to use last night and voila!, all of a sudden there was sound for me! Weird I must say because that hasn’t happened before and I know that it does from time to time but it was like, is there a full moon out? Some kind of weird joojoo going on? Literally every artist who got up either chooched a verse, or at least a few words, had issues with what chord comes next, couldn’t get the song past the first few bars and me was technical issues. Other than that the set went pretty good once I got started aside from some minor interruptions lol.

It also saw the full debut performance of Darn Ocelots Stole Conrad which only showed up in snippets in the middle of Somewhere on Gerrard Street before. A slightly truncated version than the album cut but was an interesting piece to get out there and it replaced Napoleonic Warhead Gumdrop Eulogy parts 3 & 7 to switch it up a bit.It made the set a bit less ambient because it was all mayhem with Subtle Grenade Cereal & Oyster Velocity and then all mellow with the other two so adding Darn Ocelots in gives the set a bit more of a thruway from one extreme to another lol. I had to quickly announce that the song was over because with many of my compositions the audience is unaware of when it is truly over as I do have the tendency to create pieces that don’t always end when you think they are over so they weren’t sure if there was more to come or if I was going to segue back in to it somehow. This is because a lot of people are still in the mind frame that a song has the traditional start, middle and ending segments to where you can identify the fragments accordingly and know when to applaud the artist. This is why finding your target audience is very much a key factor when making music of any kind and attract people who are in to what you do and attract new fans who may have not normally listened to what you do gaining a whole new audience of listeners. So basically what I am saying is that I make some pretty unique musical compositions that go very much outside the standard listening spectrum and I love it. Really gets people thinking, listening and discovering which is what OddsFiche is all about.

But I’m thinking that unless a great opportunity comes up to play somewhere I’m done gigging for the year to work on a new studio album and organize some things in OddsFiche land and as always this show along with the others are always available on the bandcamp page with the friendly reminder that if you buy the whole discography I will email you a bonus unreleased track not on any OddsFiche album! I’m fans of people who are my fans because they’re the ones who dig what you do and that makes it all the more to keep creating and putting new music out there for them and new fans waiting to discover the sounds that is OddsFiche! Enjoy






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