10 More Classic International Prog-Rock Albums

From the very well read in the Prog genre knowledge of My Canadian Friend here we have some Prog rarities from the 70’s and 80’s and having owned a few of these albums he’s spot on his description of them to a tee! Good reading and listening material here! Plus check this blog out, some awesome insights and reviews to the genre as well !

Make Your Own Taste

A follow-up to my first post on the plethora of great international prog-rock recordings available to the enthusiast. Read the first piece for the preamble.

(NOTE: Since I remain on a hiatus, I adapted these reviews from ones that I wrote for a prog fansite years ago. Every word is my own writing)

cover_335151982009Arco Iris – Agitor Lucens V (1974)

Arco Iris was an Argentinian group that started off as a psych band before falling under the influence of Dana, a female guru, who they continued to follow for thirty years. They went on to a long career in prog before eventually relocating to the U.S. to do more of a traditional Andean folk thing. This ambitious double album from 1975 is certainly one of the better South American prog albums I’ve heard, which is saying a lot. It appears to have a concept about aliens visiting ancient South Americans…

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