Progcore Radio – Canadian Based, Globally Heard Awesomeness!!

Ahhh Montréal, the province next door to mine and home of amazing food (the bagels!), jazz festivals, Olympic Stadium, car racing and Progcore Radio!!!

Based in the heart of the Quebec province lies a wonderful city with an amazing night life and tourism that rivals many other cities around the world for its beauty, grand places big and small to visit, music scene and of course it’s Canadian! As much as I can’t wait to tour the world there’s something cool about the places where you live and the more you discover your own country the more you discover things like PROGCORE RADIO based out of Montréal. A fitting place to set up shop in La Belle Province du Quebec! Why you ask?  Well for me it’s the city of Prog infamy for those of you who know your 70’s Prog moments in history.  It’s where the now infamous “It’s just a bit of hork kid! Come back!” show happened at Le Stade Olympique or Olympic Stadium where The Pink Floyd played their last show in 1977 on their In The Flesh tour, (En Chair et en Os) and Roger Waters who was already pissed off from their four nights at New York’s Madison Square Gardens shows of fighting and bickering with the audience over being too noisy and shouting, setting off fireworks was taking its toll on his nerves. By 1977 The Pink Floyd had grown tired of the massive stadium tours they were doing and longed for the small venues of the late sixties, early seventies where the audiences would actually sit and listen to them and absorb their music rather than show up already smashed out of their skulls drunk or high at a big stadium. The ’77 tour also saw their giant floating pyramid destroyed and ripped to shreds at their Pittsburgh show I believe, or one not far off from that gig. By the end of the tour it was becomming quite clear that the band was getting very tired and the last show of the tour in Montréal was a site for sore eyes as the band opened up and began to play their latest Lp, Animals. It was during the song Pigs (Three Different Ones) where some kid was hell bent and determined to get to the front of the stage and just as he did after being baited by Waters to keep coming, Roger leaned forward and spat in his face. Mortified the kid turned and ran away and you can actually hear it on the bootleg where Waters is taunting this kid to come back, it’s just a bit of hork come back, followed by his yelps and dog barks of torment at this poor kid who has probably never listened to the Floyd ever since.

Fireworks Show In The Canadian Walls-Montreal '77-Front

This is the final show that helped pop the idea of a wall being built between the band and the audience to Roger Waters and it helped pave the way to their iconic 1979 double album release, The Wall.

So being situated in Montréal certainly has given Progcore Radio a foothold in deep Prog history and roots that go very deep regardless with music that has either evolved out of or gone through this city over the years. With endless streaming and a slew of bands to play Progcore gives Canada and the world its 24/7 fix on all that is good and Proggy in the world! Many great Prog bands love playing Montreal because the fans are so intensely in to the music and it’s usually the first or last stop on bands Canadian tours depending on which end they start at! One day I will hopefully experience these great fans of Prog music when I play there! With a great group of people running the site and some fantastic features as well to enhance their site they certainly give you an overall experience while you are listening to some amazing music from all over the world. It’s always great when Prog Radio online makes their websites more interactive and it doesn’t interfere with the music. You could easily leave it on all the time as your background soundtrack and like our previous blogs go from one to another channel and get doses form around the world!  With sites like this it’s amazing how many people still listen to commercialized formatted stations that play the same songs over and over and ruin so many bands for us! It is with always great pleasure to listen to stations like this because they don’t really repeat the same old same old songs by the same bands as there are so many artists out there and these stations make sure that such a HUGE variety of these bands get their songs out there and heard by as many people as possible and it’s also through word of mouth like the old days of pirate radio stations that we get the word out and tell our friends who will tell their friends and so on and so on! With a beautiful picturesque website and showing you who’s currently playing, Progcore brings you a bounty of sounds that are guaranteed to fill your head till it’s comfortably numb! So here is my telling you to get your Prog fixes again and where to find them and this time it’s another Canadian site based out of the beautiful province of Quebec from the island city on the St. Lawrence river, Montréal. Enjoy

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