Peter Prog?? Yes, Yes He Does! Awesomely I Will Add!

Ahhhh Llandysul, Wales…( with its rolling hills of lush greenery and quaint serenity views where one can easily be lost as if in Brigadoon or Hybrasil here and never long for the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis ever again. To touch buildings that are older than my country has been a modern age settlement would be dreamy and to smell the calm fresh air that would pause you in a lull for a fortnight is a salivating experience I’m sure! I will do it one day!

It is also the home of an amazing Prog Rock radio show, hosted by DJ Peter Prog and yes he does play Prog to the highest degrees! Once again like university and college radio shows this show has the format of what the genre is all about, Prog, and it goes much deeper in the UK than here in North America because as much as Prog has a presence here in Canada and the US it’s over in the UK and Europe where it pretty much originated and has a deep well rooted sense of being and continues to flourish and develop as well as around the world now with the likes of many a well known Prog bands that we could do an entire blog of just naming great bands in the genre and sub-genres! Wales known for putting out some great sounds of its own since well, way back!, but we’ll go as far back as the early 60’s onward with the likes of; Man, Magenta, Jarcrew, Budgie, Karnataka and Badfinger to name a few that have graced our ears and hands as the vinyl gleams between our wanton fingers for more!

Peter goes all out sparing no expense in sound and broadcasts the songs that exceed the 10min mark and is not afraid to brag about the epic proportions of these songs to his listeners bringing to them (incl. yours truly) a masterpiece theatre of sounds that cause your mind to melt, your eyes to fixate and your body to pause while you absorb the colourful and collected sounds of all that is good in the world of Prog! Being submersed in the genre and growing up with the likes of many great bands that permeated speakers for decades Peter is able to bring forth again that fragrant scent of the hash oil probably coming off old vinyl and the new generations of Prog that continues to hold true to the Old Guard and its many facets that make up its genetic structure.

This is again where the internet is a blessing and we can connect with people around the world with a few clicks of a button or five.  I have had a chance to speak with Sir Peter of Prog and he’s going to see about getting some OddsFiche in to one of his shows which I am supremely chuffed about and it gets me heard over in the UK(!) and gives him some new Canadian Prog music to listen to and experience as well and to his audiences around the world. The internet has some redeeming qualities about it and this is one of them where people can meet and talk about things that are not harmful or hateful to the world. Music is one of those things and through music so many things have been settled and brings so many people together in joyous harmony.


Prog music is one of those sit and discuss over tea types of music where you absorb it like being at a jazz concert and just take in the glorious sounds that emanate form the instruments and voices. That and a lot of Prog has jazz inflections in it so one can easily listen to both genres and discuss the merits over tea…or a few pints ; )  As well Prog has a sort of lifestyle all its own where you can take it pretty much anywhere because it’s already nicely dressed up and you could play it for your granny where as bands like Black Sabbath (except their song Fluff and Laguna Sunrise) and Slipknot wouldn’t probably go over so well with her! Though I have met a few rockin’ seniors who are huge Metallica fans and have been known to bust out some Motörhead now and then! But for the most part Prog is a safer avenue to play for her so the curl doesn’t come out of her hair!  LOL

So raise your glass or teacup to Peter Prog here and check out his shows on ProgRock and delve deep in to the world that is all about fantasy, fish and light bulbs on toast because you will not be disappointed with his worldwide range of bands and deep cuts that you either forgot about or have never heard of because there are so many bands in the genre that don’t get regular radio play because there is no station on the standard dial that plays you this kind of music unless it’s 4am your time wherever that is and it’s some truncated version and you get ripped off from hearing the whole thing because Peter cuts NO corners and plays it loud and proud as any genre should be where you have people who are admirers of what it is they do and love to listen to.

I encourage you, all my readers to please check out his show out along with the previous blog about the Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope show where one can get all the Prog and more in to their system and never be full, always coming back for more and forever satisfied with the sounds that fill your mind with all that is good and Proggy in the world! Enjoy

You can follow Peter at these fine locations for all your Proggy needs…

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