The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure we bring to you a wonderful radio show that comes to us from the University of Guelph here in Ontario where we try to get Prog out as much as possible but in North America it can be a little more difficult to do so but with much thanks to one UofG’s own and Disc Jockey;

Nicholas Cooper 

we have ……

The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope


Monday 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
hosted by Nicholas Cooper

Exploring the fantastical soundscape for landmarks, relics and anomalies in progressive rock, alternative progressive styles, and other genres near and far.

Nicholas was reading through the November 2016 Issue #73 of Prog magazine and saw that a local Toronto Progger, OddsFiche ; ) was one of the featured artists on the CD sampler and thought that bringing some attention to Canadian talent in the world of Prog was a great idea for his show!  I couldn’t agree more Nicholas! This is where a lot of bands get more airplay than they would trying to go through stations on the dial that are big corporations. University and college radio stations have always been a great place to promote local bands and artists for their work and the university/college communities are blessed with the fact that they can hear a ton of great music that would otherwise not be heard on the dial. So hats off to them for being the catalyst in playing a lot of these bands and helping them along the way get their music and sounds out there.

It’s a honour to be one of the Canadian content artists on his upcoming show that you can listen to and discover the depth in which he casts off to our ears in his show! Prog has never been the easiest listen for a lot of people due to the lengthy songs and intricacies that many artist have placed within their compositions but not everything Prog is THAT in-depth and often some of the simplest songs from Prog bands are some of the most beautiful. That being said, Prog and the many facets that fall under its moniker do go way out in left field…. just listen to some of the material that’s been out by myself, err, I mean OddsFiche!

Another wonderful advantage about university radio whether they are on the dial or not is that now they can broadcast online because at one time if they were only a campus to campus design then the general public wouldn’t have heard even a peep out of them so this is where the internet has a blessing to the world and a lot of people who aren’t in college or university listen to these stations because of shows like The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope and many others because they are not formatted to just one genre or style of music and one can hear the many sounds of multiple genres in a single day!

So keep your afternoon free on:  Monday, March 13th at 4pm to hear this show and to hear the debut of OddsFiche on the radio! AND be sure to follow Nicholas’s show every Monday at 4pm and check out the other great shows that precede and follow his on University of Guelph’s radio station, CFRU 93.3 Enjoy



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