The Imaginary Eccentric on Vain Crescent Delivereth Us; Wings of an Angel

The world works in interesting ways and it is for this that I bless the internet for being able to bring musicians together with the click of a button and a few words of hello that reaches thousands of miles away in seconds rather than snail mail and the possibility of never hearing of artists from other countries because record companies and radio stations will never have had the golden opportunity to discover music from around the world that a desirable public would absorb like a sponge. So it is for the blessing of the internet today that we bring you Wings of an Angel from Israel.

As described by Wings of an Angel himself;

Ambient magician and outsider poet-philosopher whose works blend these passions in fascinating ways. My life’s work is to humbly give wings to my infinite psychedelic imagination. This ever-expanding alternative universe explores intimate mental landscapes, existential commentary and unorthodox humor wrapped in a holy trinity of Avant-garde sound art, thought-provoking titles & original covers.

Regarding the visual art, it’d be enough to say I create my own visual art to go as the cover art for the projects – mostly in a signature psychedelic style of saturated multicolored and sometimes monochrome visual compositions.

Poetic and humble and as a musician that offers their soul to the world of sound and to the ears of those who choose to listen and not just hear music. There is such a massive world of difference between those who hear music and those who LISTEN to it. Again I reference Pauline Oliveros that people need to start listening to music more than they hear it.

For this artist we will look in to the works of the album, Vain Crescent. cover

Artwork that has metallurgy written all over it pasted in beautiful psychedelia and thought provoking imagery that entwines the universal world of sight and sound as one here with the record.

The album opens up with the dawning track, Momentous Tremble, an exercise in what dawn would sound like should it deliver us the warmth of its voice as it would echo throughout the lands far and wide. A progression of ambience and renaissance tones that provide you with the earth’s soundtrack from a time when there was no sounds, a Silurian soundscape where only the natural clicks and chirps of nature could be heard and this piece of music that crawls over the sunrise and drapes the grounds with its lavish tones of synthscapes and smooth vibes. In just over 38minutes you have completed your movements, assembled your lineage, dropped your hands to your sides and stared in to the sunrise as if it were the first time ever you saw the beauty of sound. This piece has you looking at the mechanical world as we know it today and see it slowly come to a deathly stop of inanimate stasis and melt in to the ground and revert back to a gestation period before recorded time.

Freudian Blight follows next with a very English over tone of kids in the distance running around with down on their cheeks. Images of birds flying, clouds drifting in to nothingness and the gentle scent of a spring rain takes over your senses. The accentuated piano notes add a crisp warmth to the piece as it whisks your mind away to wherever you want it go. Reminiscent of certain passages by The Alan Parsons Project and Tangerine Dream are present as you listen to this movement and an absolute progress of movements that could be well used to describe the world where no population exists and animals are the citizens who walk among the skyscraper trees and river highway systems. Wings of an Angel carries with them no burdens of the earth but rather exposes the global heartbeat that so many people miss out on because the beat of the money corpratocracy has consumed them and they have simply forgotten. This is that song. Remember.

Pluralism and Sabotage is another beautifully crafted serving of renaissance and surrealism. WoaA brings us to the Middle Ages with this piece and has us walking the gardens and the parlour rooms of our winter chateau. The faint tones of harpsichord notes nestle in with the synthscapes and underlying drone notes to set a mood of ease and unease as we hear our footsteps in the hallway but are unsure if there is another set trying to follow us in sync carrying a hidden agenda with them or not. The song has me in the south of France or perhaps Beaujolais to where I find the scent of blood in the air and the whispers of murder on the riverbed. It also has me sitting beside a quietly babbling brook where I ponder words but speak not a one. This piece is very open ended in its brilliance where you can be in several places at once. Thought provoking as it is calming this piece is very theatrical in the way it has been presented to our ears and minds.

Nuked Bodybuilder, the dark masterful conceptual piece that changes and shifts the parameters and dynamics of the album greatly for the good or evil depending on how you perceive this track. Clinical and sterile mechanical jaws exhale rusted breaths of iron over us, this composition slams us with an ominous dark cloud that bolsters our fears of the dark, has us trembling at the sight of the storm’s razor’s edge and reaps fear in to the caverns of our souls when we can’t see what is before us in the night. Graphic imagery conjures in your mind as you soak in this thespian journey across the stages of life. Perhaps it’s not about one particularly Nuked Bodybuilder but about the overgrown emotions in ourselves that haunt us and hide us from who we are in the public eye. If you allow the track to loop and play over and over the tension in your mind will rise to meet your fears, force you to confront your denials and insist you make a decision to expose your weaknesses or overcome them with a fell swoop of your fist shouting that you will not be controlled. This piece is an incredible migration of the soul.

Sanitary Instigation comes back to us with bliss and synthscapes that caress and sway our emotions to a great sense of ease and tranquility once again. We have over come the beast within us and are rewarded with this progression of ambient layers of flow and mental sovereignty. The shortest song on the album clocking in at just over 6minutes but equally as important as the others this track is the architecture that binds the rest of the album together and conveys the simplest tones to soothe and leave us at peace for the time being. It is as poetic and balanced as a motionless sea that has no destination or point of harbour from which it left, it is simply there and that is a graceful distribution of tones and drone notes keeping us genetically humbled as we sit and absorb its liquor of sound.

Zero Heroes is discordant with its introductions as it snaps your wits side to side and challenges you to accept your sight as your witness to this pixilated dance of sound that now forms a web around you, encasing you and holding you to the tides that bind your mind to your body and doe not release its grip on your senses as it send you down the causeway to unknown certainties. This piece is the other bookend to Nuked Bodybuilder as it closes the gap around the previous track. The piano notes are like bouncing droplets of rain in a puddle on the sidewalk that your feet have disturbed and the gray wisdom of teenage angst has taken over the gloomy city streets as they walk home in the pouring rain to converge in the basements of their dwellings and ponder the world, society and their impending adulthood as they draw near to the closure of the mid life as a child. This is the song that plays out visual notes through the windows and up above the heights of the condominiums that reek of money and greed as we sit in our small but warm hovels below in the mud. This piece spoke volumes upon volumes to me as it reflects your life before your eyes, pulls up long forgotten memories neither good nor bad but just idle ones. No reminiscing, just time capsules unbroken and long since forgotten through time and irrelevance like food that you have eaten simply to sustain oneself and not out of enjoyment. The tonal inflections are precise and concise here as the voice of the piano neither shouts or whispers at you buy rather speaks in one straight forward sentence to you about you. Intense as it melancholic you are slightly uncomfortable from the adjacent notes coming through your ears like bordering on a country that may or may start a war with you.

The album closes out with the composition, Desperately Necro with spine tingling notes that sound like synths and bagpipes blended together creating a truly unique tone. For me more often than not I am drawn to what the music says to me and what I see and hear in within its walls and very much often like myself the titles may or may not have any to all reference to the song. this song’s title doesn’t give me the feeling of what it could be but rather a tasteful sorrowful swansong to the ending of a day on the world. The sunset that sucks the life out of the daylight. The necrotizing of darkness as it drapes over the lands, shuts out the light and calls it a day and allows nightfall to take control. Unlike a cancer that stays until it’s run its course this track lets you know that darkness is imminent and the creatures of the night are upon us as so we take shelter behind walls and protect ourselves as we know not the night and its magick. That the Desperate facet of the song is the night’s desperation to cover as much of the land as possible and leave no trace of the light. Like the battle between Horus and Set, Set has come to reclaim the night and release its shades and tones over the lands, opening up tomes of unspeakable fables and cursing the daylight all the while. The song has that sense of the night rushing in to take over as much as possible before daylight returns. As you sweat in your slumber you toss and turn to its chords and refrain then just when you think there’s more, you wake up and it’s over. This last track trails through the wilderness of our deepest psyche and then leaves us to awake to another day and the haunting images left over in our minds is all we have left from that piece. Snippets of it that linger on throughout your day and keep you wondering, was it real or did I only dream it?

Wings of an Angel brings to us in this record an Orwellian-Shakespearean-Dystonia-Picasso-Guernica of sound from start to finish. A brilliant passage of sound and tones that captivate and crush your senses without you realizing it until the album has clearly moved on and you have not but are still listening and at the same pace as the record is but pieces of you have shattered and are left strewn all over your mental highway of thought. This is not a bad thing rather this is an experience of what sound can do to you! Much like the albums of Scott Lawlor and Allister Thompson you are teleported away to other lands, distant memories and dialed into new mental states of consciousness. That is was this record does to you. WoaA is an artist who is truly as innovative and as moving as you could possibly imagine where a blank canvas has been taken and their sounds have painted us pictures, masterpieces and nightmares that we can all live with and accept into our hearts with no convictions or resentments. An absolute must for your Sound Collective. Shalom.
























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