Here Here to Bandcamp!

So I know a lot of my readers around the world are musicians and Bandcamp has put this little bit up that I thought was quite generous and honourable of them to do. As a Canadian this does and does not affect me. It’s directly indirect. I generally as a rule of thumb DO NOT discuss politics and religion on any of my social media sites as it’s a call to arms for an argument with someone where I am all for the music and this being music somewhat related I felt was ideal to share, so here it is from the mouths at Bandcamp;

“This Friday, for any purchase made on Bandcamp, we will donate 100% of our share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working to oppose last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States. Please read more about our position here, and help us spread the word.”

So to all my American friends, readers and fellow WordPress writers AS well as everyone I know around the world who is or isn’t a musician to please check this out and if it pertains to your beliefs and morals here’s your chance to support it. And as a suggestion if you wish to support this notion below are a few bands you may wish to also support as part of this action. Helping out the cause you believe in as well as the musicians around the world who put their souls into what they do for the sounds that soak through your ears to your mind would be much appreciated by both sides and many of the bands have discounted their entire discographies as a gesture towards helping this movement out and just in general as an incentive to support their music and so that you can benefit from getting some great music to add to your Sound Collectives. Enjoy

PROGRESSIVELYSO suggests the following bands that are Awesome listening and every band listed comes highly recommended from this blog’s writer!



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