Little Hyperventilating Going on But I’m Good!


OddsFiche is now being heard globally! The wonderful people at Team Rock/Prog Magazine were gracious to include me in this month’s issue you see me peering over the top of here CD Sampler as one of their featured artists! Issue #71 of PROG: Astounding Sounds and Amazing Music and much more filled from cover to cover in this magazine, the one major global publication for Prog Rock music!


This is a part of a dream come true for me because I have always wanted to be hear around the world and this is truly a part of it! So HUGE thanks to the Awesome people at Team Rock/Prog Magazine in particular Emily-Jane Bullot who was an absolute dear to speak with and Margaret who took care of some of the other things for me to help make it happen over there and everyone at Prog magazine! CHEERS! One day we will meet in person! AS WELL!!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE Thanks to all my family and friends (all over the world) who have supported me, taken pictures and helped me create my music throughout the experiments and trial versions of what I do! There’s more to come! ENJOY!

All of OddsFiche’s music can be heard at:

and videos of live performances and official clips can be seen at:

YouTube: Progbeawr831




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