Free IS the Magic Word!



So on my bandcamp site, every album except three of them are free downloads now! The last three albums I have recorded are up there for $4 a piece, dirt cheap right?! So the whole album plus the artwork for each of them AND you can get everything for less if you get them all at once! That’s the entire discography for 25% off! I know shameless promotion but hey I gotta plug my stuff out anyway possible LOL Just sayin’! Enjoy!

(Picture from Friday November 11th @ OpenStudio Art Café, Pickering, Ontario)




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  1. Great pic! Love that hat and I hope you reach thousands with your music.

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    1. progbeawr831 says:

      Thank You Lady Audrey! Tips Bowler and Smiles : ) I too am hoping it will reach the ears of the masses and goes somewhere! xoxoxo


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