TWILIGHT FIELDS – Further Up, Further In! (2016)

A great insight of a great album by Allister Thompson who is Twilight Fields. Other amazing notable music projects by Him are; The Gateless Gate and Khan Tengri which are both definitely worth looking in to and awesome listening!

Make Your Own Taste

twilight-fields_smallTwilight Fields is another of my musical projects. There’s an explanation why this new one is out under yet another name. You may, if you read this blog, be familiar with The Gateless Gate, the name under which I’ve recorded several Krautrock/ambient instrumental albums.

I started that project in 2012 as a way to jump-start my enthusiasm for making music, which had waned. I’d also heavily gotten into ambient music, so I wanted to try my hand at some variants of it.

Back around 2000, I recorded my first songs, badly, on an old blueberry iMac. Of course, I was young and naive, so I tried to “shop” them, to no avail. As a child of the eighties/nineties, my tastes were a mixture of idealistic eighties bands like The Waterboys, The Church, Midnight Oil, New Model Army, and other bands not afraid of big statements, and sixties and seventies…

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