Yeah…. Couldn’t Wait : )

So I couldn’t wait any further last night and finished off my 3rd album so I could get back in to doing reviews! So here’s the link to it along with the other albums for those of you who really want something VERY different to listen to ! In reverse order from the latest and greatest to the first one! It’s progressive in a sense that it’s very early Krautrock scene, Kosmiche Musik style and early Pink Floyd influenced. I have designated my style of music as Audio Paintings, a sound that creates the images for you and evokes memories and thoughts anew. Enjoy   (August 2016)    (June 2016)    (October 2007)






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  1. sachaogrady says:

    Will definitely investigate further. Are there any CD releases forthcoming?

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    1. progbeawr831 says:


      ……..annnnd finally lol

      and all my albums can also be found on the internet archive under Oddsfiche as well ; )


    2. progbeawr831 says:

      7 albums out as of now, well technically, 4 and 3 EP’s


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