Please Stand By and In the Meantime….

Hello everyone, Progressivelyso has been on a slight hiatus with the writing as recording sessions has eaten up a lot of time!  BUT I am working on a new album review for you all to read and it will be out soon!  But in the meantime here’s the four videos from my current album, Ninth Eyelid Atelier  by OddsFiche (my musical project) for you to enjoy and ponder the sights and sounds. Admittedly I’m neither the best guitarist or musician around but I enjoy what I do and when people enjoy what I create that’s Awesome and when they don’t… they don’t hahahaha. I describe my music as Audio Paintings, a concept where sight and sound are combined( kind of like the Twilight Zone!  lol) to create an enjoyable experience. Or to just have playing in the background LOL. Enjoy








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