Coming Soon and In the Meantine…..

COMING SOON to a Progressivelyso reading near you!   Eveline’s Dust from Italy and Scotland’s Boobs of Doom and many more bands to read about!


For now here’s a couple of shameless promotion links for you to check out….

From a site called the Internet Archive, an amazing place to get pretty much everything under the sun almost! Read about them here….:

You don’t need a membership to download anything or you can get an account and upload your own works audio, literary, visual or other!

This is my music that I have made. It’s….. well………: different, Krautrock, cosmic, space rock, avant-garde, slightly comical in spots, very experimental…. it’s just me lol It’s pretty rough around the edges in spots but it is what it is. Like it, hate it or indifferent to it, feel free to lemme know. I’m usually pretty reserved about sharing my music but at my age now I figured what the hell, why not eh?

(1st album from 2007)

(2nd album from June/July 2016)(Fresh off the recording desk!)

BUT!  you can download it for free, on the right side of the page it’ll say vbr mp3, click on that and then it kinda scrolls up and you can then click on the # of files icon and it saves to your computer safely.  For the second album you can get the 2 word documents as well which is the album art for that one.  There’s a media player on the site as well so you can also just listen to it there and bookmark the page if you like for when want of something different lol One of life’s little soundtracks, mine lol Enjoy






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