Awesomeness on Another Site!


So with Huge Thank You to 3er TIPO talking to friend connections around the world about yours truly’s blog here and now Progressivelyso has a wee spot on a Spanish music blog site that helps promote South American as well as other countries bands from around the world in the wide world of Prog. So this is a great opportunity for all of you here who speak Spanish to explore and discover other bands from around the world of which some of them will end up on here soon enough too! So HUGE THANKS to 3er TIPO for mentioning us and to CABEZA de MOOG for posting Progressivelyso on their site! GRACIAS A MIS AMIGOS!!!!!!!


P.S. Yes that is a Boba Fett M&M figure at the bottom right corner of the picture. Yup, I’m a Star Wars geek and he’s my all time favourite character!


















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  1. I like your new layout!

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    1. progbeawr831 says:

      Thank you : ) It seems to be easier to read I think


      1. Yes, I like it!
        Oh and congrats on the blog shout out. I meant to me to mention that.
        Have a great day!

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