Seven Second Circle — One Last Song from the Divide Ep


With great thanks to Thom and the band for sending me a copy of their Divide Ep which contains five songs but one of them is the treat here, a song called “Incomplete” that is not on their debut album. This song was from their days as the band, Henry’s Child in the 90’s but they re-recorded it for 7SC. This song has every element that it’s brothers and sisters have on the full blown album.

The song opens up with a great sultry bass line that gets the full on swing in with the vocals gathering over top of it as the drums come in like an eastern wind and the song kicks in to its groove. The guitar here is snarly like a dog gnashing its teeth at you. Surely this song would be a great fit to the album but it would more than likely push it over to being a double Lp if it did!  The stops as the vocals choral over the stagnant air that the song is creating gives it an edge that makes you want to just hop in to your car and drive. The chipping away the stone tone the song takes on it’s own shape here and keeps it short, sharp and punchy. Perhaps it is Incomplete and live versions will take it on farther than the studio version. Either way, it’s a great song that can’t be ignored here. It’s like a boost of nitrous that takes you further in to the world of the music of 7SC.

It pushes the envelope as every other song has done on their album and to get your hands on this as a great opener to their live show if you ever get to see them!

When are you guys coming to Toronto again?




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